We can test your patrons to ensure they are safe to drive home

The honest truth is that events like CMC Rocks, Mardi Grass, Rabbits Eat Lettuce and other similar events either intentionally or unintentionally encourage the use of drugs and there are a number of people on drugs at these events.

How can we be so sure? The fact police simply put RBT/RDT units on the roads surrounding the event. They don't waste their time setting up in places they don't believe they will detect persons driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I can help events gain a better reputation and see less arrests following events. At no cost to the event, I can provide onsite drug and alcohol testing. The testing is the same that would be expected at a workplace and is compliant with relevant Australian Standards.

Any person who wanted to be tested could, at their discretion, come to us and have us test them to see if the presence of drugs is detected.


  • We cannot test more than 50 people per testing officer per day.

  • Whilst we test for COC, THC, MET, AMP, BZO and OPI and can tell them if they are positive or negative at the time, this does not guarantee exemption from police testing or that their drug use status will not change following testing.

  • We must sight a government issued photo ID to ensure compliance with Australian Standards.

Please contact me with any further questions at NorthernRivers.DAT@gmail.com or call on 0459 944 016.