ID Requirements for Drug Testing

Just to have it on record for any person who needs to be tested, NRDAT only accept ID's that are compliant with state requirements.

The full list of ID that is acceptable by NRDAT and our laboratory partners are;

  • Australian Passport (must not be expired more than 12 months at date of test)

  • Foreign Passport (With official translation if in a language other than English). Due to a CIR obtained by NRDAT, we may refuse to accept a passport from Afghanistan or Venezuela due to the prevalence of forged passports. Additionally, any foreign passport must be in date at the date of test.

  • Australian Drivers Licence (must be in date).

  • Australian Proof of Age Card

  • Australian Defence Force ID Card (other than a white/civilian card).

  • Australian Police Officer ID Card

  • Australian Security Licence (further ID may be required if your licence does not show your date of birth).

If you fail to present ID upon request, you will be deemed to have refused to undertake the test as we will not be able to verify your identity to the standard required. This means you will forfeit any money (if you are obtaining a pre-employment check) or be recorded as having not undergone a drug and alcohol test (if you are made to do a workplace test).

The Service NSW drivers licence or AusPost ID Check is sufficient for proving your Identity if you do not have a physical card on you. Copies of ID are not accepted, whether certified or not.

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