Drug and alcohol screening improves workplace safety as the use of alcohol and recreational drugs can present a hazard in the workplace. In addition, drug and alcohol screening is a statutory requirement in some industries (corrections, health, policing etc.).

I aim to assist employees seeking work and employers meet their obligations for pre-employment drug/alcohol testing. It is important you read the instructions (if any) of an instruction regarding pre-employment drug/alcohol testing as some may want a laboratory test, some may want urine or hair or saliva tested. If there are no clear instructions then any test should suffice and urine is the most fair on the worker, least invasive and therefore poses the least amount of risk and imposes the least amount of discomfort.

Pre-employment tests can be done at your pre-employment medical (if the Medical Practitioner is not conducting the test, with the facilities consent), your home or an agreed on, appropriate, public place.

Drug Testing